Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Socks and BBT

So ages ago I told you I was going to have another go at making socks, well finally, here is the finished product!

It has taken slightly longer then expected thanks mainly to me being distracted by other things and going on holiday. Its not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but it fits and is quite comfy! Now I just have to make the second one, hmmmm, fingers crossed I get it done before Christmas!

Its all very quite in our household at the moment, hubby is off at a conference, in an all inclusive resort in Mallorca (its alright for some!) so I'm all on my lonesome. The plan is to use this time productively, tidy the house, get some craft projects done, but in reality I'll most likely spend the two weeks eating junk food and watching all the trashy tv I can!

On the IF front there's not a lot to report, I've decided to try and do my BBT charting using the not so pleasant way, nothing like a cold thermometer up your hoo ha first thing in the morning! Hopefully I'll get a nicer chart this way so we can get an idea of what's going on in there. I'm also now a week into taking Angus castus, no side effects yet but I know it can take a few cycles to get into your system so we'll wait and see!

Well that's about it for now!



  1. I get frustrated and angry at my knitting way too quickly to attempt socks, but ohhh yours is lovely! And it looks like it fits well. I imagine when I'm pregnant I'll do a blanket, but it will probably be small and take me all nine months ;)

    Hope you have a nice relaxing two weeks! Much as I love the husband I can see an upside to having the house to myself sometimes. Well. Maybe if he took the animals so I wouldn't have to take care of them, too ;)

  2. Love the sock! I plan to do some sewing today, but the draw of trashy tv is so tempting. Hope the BBT's gives you some answers.

  3. I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Check out my latest post if you are interested in participating.