Monday, July 22, 2013


I got my final blood test results today :) These last ones were testing genetics, cystic fibrosis, fragile X, and a few others and my AMH (Anti-Müllerian hormone - testing ovarian reserve) levels. All the genetics have come back fine, which is what I thought they would be anyway as there's no family history of any of these problems but I was concerned about my AMH. When we had our first meeting with the RE, he pretty much implied the problem was likely to be me, I'm not sure if that was just because there's so much more that can go wrong on my end or if its easier for them to fix if it is, or I was just feeling quite sensitive! He went into great depth about what would happen if I had a low ovarian reserve, how we could use the eggs of a younger fertile woman, at this point he was making me feel past my best at the ripe old age of 28!! So I prepared myself for a low result, maybe just slightly below average. Heart pounding I opened the link to my blood result and there it was, AMH, 4.5 ng/mL!! Far from low, in fact its considered on the verge of being high!! Below are the rough limits for low, normal and high AMH.

low reserve <1
normal reserve 2- 3
high reserve 4 - 6  

I feel so proud of my eggs, they showed him, I'm not past my best, in fact my eggs should be good to go for years to come!! I have done some reading on high AMH levels, and mine is in line for mild pcos, showing I ovulate most months but not all. It will also mean that I should respond VERY well to ovulation stimms medication, which will put us at a higher risk of multiples, I could deal with twins but triplets or quads are out of the question!!

In other news, I picked up my Clomid from target on Friday and ordered my Crinone gel from the buck a day pharmacy, I really hope this wasn't a mistake and it arrives and is the correct meds!  


  1. So glad you got positive news about your egg reserve!

  2. You're so eggy!! Go ovaries!! Yeah! I've always wanted twins, but triplets?! OOF.

  3. Thanks lovelies! Its nice to have some good news for a change! Lol yeah twins = instant family, triplets = never sleeping again!