Friday, July 5, 2013

HSG today

Well it's just over an hour before my HSG and I am so so nervous. I know I have no reason to suspect I have blocked tubes, (well other then not being pregnant!) but the thought of IVF being our only hope to have a baby terrifies me. Nothing I can do about it now though, will just have to wait and see what happens. I just hope its not too painful. That reminds me, must take some painkillers in a bit so they have a chance to kick in before we get there. Hubby also has to prepare his SA sample, he seems quite laid back about it at the moment, he's currently playing computers games which is probably a better use of time then me madly googling HSG scans!

We also got some of my blood test results yesterday, most seem OK but my LH is slightly higher then my FSH (5.22 and 4.4) which could suggest mild PCOS, I guess the large cyst on my ovary suggests that too and my progesterone was only 1.6. I'm holding onto hope that that one was low as I was 15dpo and about to get AF but then something didn't feel right about the last cycle anyway so maybe I didn't ovulate.

I'll post an update when we get back but for now, wish me luck!

Oh good god the HSG hurt!! I was really nervous so that's most likely why but ow!! The good news is both my tubes are clear and my uterus is all normal shaped and healthy woohoo! Bad news is, it does look like I have mild PCOS which sucks but at least its only mild! So now we just have to wait on hubby's SA results, since most of my stuff has come back fine he's sure its all his fault, I want to make him feel better but don't know what to say to him.

I've been given some prescriptions ready for next cycle if we choose to do clomid + timed intercourse or an IUI, so I have clomid (100mg), Ovidrel trigger shot and Crinone, will have to figure out the cheapest way to get these in the next few weeks although still holding out hope we can get a natural bfp this cycle!

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