Thursday, August 1, 2013


Yay my Crinone has turned up!!! It wasn't a mistake to order off the cheap pharmacy after all! Ok the box is not in English but the instructions it came with are and it all looks correct! Woohoo!!

14dpo today so waiting for af to turn up in a day or so, this really is the worst bit of the cycle, you just know she's going to turn up but there's always that little bit of you that thinks maybe, just maybe she wont, which then makes me stress at every little twitch or niggle. AHHHHHH

To distract myself I've taken up making socks again, I say again, I've only managed one pair in the last year but then it got hot and I lived in flip flops so what was the point in making socks? Any way, so far about half way though the leg of sock number one, was going to make them knee high but think I might get board before then so they may just be ankle socks, will see how I go!


  1. What language IS it in?! That's so funny. Glad it came though! I always get bored knitting, too. I've never done anything as ambitious as socks! Just hats and scarves. Turning a heel seems so daunting..

    1. I think its Turkish!I have a sock loom which is meant to make knitting them easier but it really does take forever! I'll stick up a picture if it ever gets completed! xxx

  2. Hey there. Just checking in on my fellow newbie since you've been quiet. Hope all is well.