Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ov and meds

I ovulated woohoo, and almost on time this cycle, only one day late at cd17! So now that's out the way its time to start getting things ready for next cycle (How pessimistic does that sound?!) I'm actually getting quite excited about our first (and hopefully last!) medicated cycle I have really high hopes for it although pricing everything up it better bloody work first time! Here's a break down of the costs:

Monitoring: $500
IUI: $300 (still not sure if we're going to do this bit or not)
Clomid (100mg) $18
Ovidrel: $115
Crinone: $500

Total: $1443 / $1143 (without IUI)

I know its a lot less then if we were doing injectables or IVF but still that's a lot of money. I have found an online pharmacy (buck a day pharmacy) which will do the Crinone for $206 which is a lot cheaper but not sure how much I trust the site, it does get good reviews and has an active facebook page so may take a gamble and try it although they say it takes 2 -3 weeks for the meds to be delivered so may have to order it soon. I really do miss the NHS, never had to worry about the cost of meds or doctors appointments before, if you needed something you could get it easily, sure they can be a bit slow at times but at least its a lot less stressful!!


  1. Health insurance in this country would be laughable if it weren't so sad. I have about $2k in medical bills right now, unrelated to infertility. We haven't even started with that.

    Wishing you the best luck!

  2. I am shocked the more I find out about health insurance and the ridiculous cost of medication! Good luck to you too lovely, it'll all be worth it in the end!

  3. Hi, Found your blog through the LAFC. Your story is sounding similar to ours and I've already learned a few things from reading your blog, so thanks for sharing. Wishing you the best on your first medicated cycle.

  4. I glad my ramblings can be of some help to someone! I have found it really helpful to document everything we're going through, by writing it down its out of my head and I can stop thinking about it! Thank you, and good luck on your journey! xxx