Thursday, July 11, 2013

SA results

We received hubbys SA results today, I must say, they're not as bad as I was expecting. It seems his little swimmers are a little slow and oddly shaped but overall not too bad. I've ordered some fertilaid for men and motilityboost for men to see if we can get his numbers up a bit before next cycle. Hubby took the news pretty well although he hasn't seen the numbers yet as I didn't want him to get upset that only 3% of his swimmers are a normal shape even if 4% is normal. Looking at his current results though I do think we should go ahead and do an IUI next cycle, if we're spending the money on meds and monitoring anyway its not that much extra to do the IUI.

In other news, I've applied for a new job! It's only a temp type thing and only runs until Christmas but would be great to have some extra money to help cover the fertility costs!

 ColorPale Yellow 
 ViscosityNormal Normal

 Volume3.6mL 1.5-5 mL

 Concentration (Avg)41.5Million/mL >=15 Million/mL

 Motility (Avg)31% Progressive >=40%
 AgglutinationNone None-Minimal
 WBC0 <5/hpf
 Progression2+ 2+ to 3+
 pH8.1 7.2-7.8
 RBC0 0/hpf

 Normal Morph3 >=4% (WHO criteria)
 Tapering Heads0 
 Amorphous Head92 
 Midpiece Defect5 
 Tail Defect0 

 InterpretationAbnormal: Mild Asthenozoospermia 


  1. Answers are always good, though, right? At least now you can do something. I hope the supplements work well for him. Good luck!!

  2. Yep it's always better to know what we're dealing with and its good that the results show that we could still conceive naturally even if our chances are lower then 'normal' people! Thank you, I've read good reviews on them so fingers crossed they work for us!